About Us

So who is behind Counting Miles Clothing, and why have I started this movement?

Hi I'm Charlie. Well, the journey started in early 2019 when I started to contemplate the clothing that I wear and the options available. There was a realisation that the clothing I yearned for, that was affordable, comfy, artistic and preserved alternative cultures of music and tattoos were not readily available. I realised that it was a very real possibility that if I felt this way, there must be endless numbers of individuals looking to express themselves through their fashion with a void, yet to be filled.

With my experience of travelling around the world and enjoyment of the style of tattoo designs. Combined with my love of music resonating from my experience in touring and songwriting, the term Counting Miles was born.

Now what does Counting Miles actually mean? Rather than take it for it's literal sense, that could be deemed to be very travel oriented, it is an umbrella term to describe this feeling of progress and escapism. The wandering mind, a sense of belonging and/or unrest; a distance away from where you want to be. For people who want more from life, exploring, wandering, thriving, having aspirations to travel to a new place or destination, whether that destination be mentally , physically,  or theoretically. A form of expression through art. Counting the miles to where you want to be.

The real question is, what does Counting Miles mean to you?